This Woman is Shaman
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Genesis Goddess
Love is not Empirical Data
Opening in the Iris of Fire
The Ocean Sleeps With Beta Endorphins
The 8th Life Lives Forever
Hide and Seek from the Cultural Hell
Morbid Mind Mysteries/ Mad Grin Meditation
Two Short Poems
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Hela II
Tangible Temptation
Animal Cracker Parade/ Sharp
The Art of You
It Will Make Us Fly
As You Wish


Trapeze fears romancing their dance
Red garter belt lingerie
Scottish ale; one last bloody chance
Warrior chasing perverse prey
For fuckin sake don't martyr fate!
Sail her, caress her, but create!
Slap the silly, watch the red headed rocker
Tavern sickness bleeding violence
Battle cries, thunder bolts, and lightning
Make love, make war; oh the Innocence!
Bravado and chivalry menstruating;
Reflecting how your smiling eyes choke me
Disdain us; forsake yourself

Welcome your sexiness, my maiden
Love the madness in her sighs
Echoing, chastising-wanting her sin
Still be the wind against her thighs
You are part fool, part friend
Let us live and learn not condescend
Waxing moon wishes
Shadows and rainbow fishes
Seeking your soul and music
Protecting the vulnerability;
Yeah! You and I are sick.

* * *




The Art of You