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A Live Conversation

Two women having a rather strange long distance phone conversation; they are either possessed or personifying the surreal or conceptual images of Death and Intrigue.

Death speaks to Intrigue first.

Death: You put nothing on your head wound.
Intrigue: I thought you would be proud, now we can meet Dead or Alive.

(Intrigue’s soliloquy)

Intrigue: Hate embodies your pale blue poisoned jugular;
It pulses like a black cat’s human heart.
When you cry you devour ocean salt
And sadistically laugh because it is not our fault.
Your sweet immortal hemoglobin caresses Lestat’s lips,
But Shakespeare’s “To be or not to be” may be your
reincarnated sunken ship.

(Death’s soliloquy)

Death: You like to taunt me….Intrigue,
And play this ultimate game…
I wonder if there’s a demented draw?
Two bullets for Russian roulette
or select the shot mad straw.
Slice the right ventricle underneath
your left warm breast and watch your
Crimson life flow.
Awaiting curiosity will not kill the black cat….
for Intrigue’s ego knows,
I wait to simply play the inevitable game and perhaps show
That the cat’s blood shot eye may have
a deceiving yellow orange glow.
Needing to confront and observe the damned
then possibly grow.

* * *




A Live Conversation