This Woman is Shaman
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Genesis Goddess
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Opening in the Iris of Fire
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Tangible Temptation
Animal Cracker Parade/ Sharp
The Art of You
It Will Make Us Fly
As You Wish


Taking apart my bruising emotions
Healing hearts and romantic infatuations

Spring sexual birth and shooting stars
Balancing speed and tension with faster cars
Ahh, sweet calm, melodic guitars

Ideals shadowing you lady
Oh, how I want you baby
Laugh with me once more
Let's reconnect on the wall, on the ceiling, on the floor

Tell me damn it, how I made you smile once again?
Growing with you pleases my soul, my dear friend.

For the truth remains an obvious mystery
Comfort and home is a redwood tall and free.
This is what I am relearning is you and me.

Ah damn even your tears are amazing
When the love I feel is protecting, or is it haunting?
Jupiter is shaking and drowning self-induced fires,
I know am not alone in my loves or my desires.

* * *