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The demolition and determination of pain-
Is having a death wish that will remain.
We go creeping up and collapsing down.
We do not even know if the earth is round.
Green creatures in our mind
Filling us features from an unusual third time.
Acidic archaeology- we found the hieroglyphics of hell.
Although we perceived it like a tiny tiger who likes to yell.

Hallucinate it makes us act like crashing planes-
Meditate we fly to the sirens and are wrapped in iron chains.
We live in our subconscious of sadness.
Most of what we know, we do not, but the happiness.

Lies in the pills of death, breaking away
Although, the night ravens create a scenario to obey
Not the isolation-that is the key for a mind-boggling trance,
While something is knocking at our door like knives that dance

We need to truly wonder if logic is really logical-
Ha, ha, ha! Funny we die for our chemical!
Only if the deranged ghost song does not take control,
At midnight the bats of the doors completely unfold.

* * *




It Will Make Us Fly