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The destruction and diabolical pain
Has caused the inferiority of man to cry-
Overtly came the death wish of the insane
That abolished life and suddenly died.
The sacred controlled the beast of damnation!
While the ghost of psychotic guarded the corrupt.
The vague mind of certainty created an assumption,
Which has acted in confusion for the abrupt.
The conscience of death incites the ruins of hell.
The synthetic mind trapped the sense of logic too,
Control the imagination; truth has just fell.
Alone they surpass knowledge break on through...
The positive nightmares from the grey, glum night
Destroyed the unknown and negative insight.

* * *

Morbid Mind Mysteries





Orange virgin rivers the passion
Mascara tears mirrors my naïve fear
Lavender glitter sparkles her earthy fashion
Weave the lamb's wool, smiling heart
Red eye angst love, my love affair
Hmm shall we cut the Celtic ring apart?
Balance the unconditional espionage'
French kiss her rouge lipstick lip
Mmm sweet pineapple and fromage
Reminding the electric loud mad trip
Now I am my own masochistic hostage;
Who smiles the mad and grins-no regret.

* * *

Mad Grin Meditation