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Sensuality is predisposed misery,
Or a shooting star calmly exploding.
The unattainable is beyond tempting
When the green obsession is a whisper set free.

The reaction is barely locked by a trapped door.
Damn, the desire is frenzy misunderstood.
Yet, patiently longing for a bit more,
Without the guilt or shame of society's "one should"

The overwhelming red emotion expressed is unclear
Like a baby in a grey pool of damn good fear.
Only the soft and sexual tangible is felt,
For it's as sweet and warm and makes the logical mind melt.

Although lust is at stake,
The replays of vicarious feelings are so damn hard to break
Because to act like lightning is rather hilarious,
For one's denial and self-doubt can become precarious.

The final cough is bittersweet confusion,
When the heart left behind needs to breathe the
acceptable temptation.

* * *




Tangible Temptation