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The sex bet begins. The beautiful sexual determined opponents Skyler and Cina face off. Pool clanking noses, Cina boldly interrupts Skyler as she leans over cleavage revealed-ready to make her shot. Skyler stares Cina down demanding to know her sick problem; stepping back Cina gives her a sexy evil grin and hands her a red note. The note reads:
Poker game. Remember our bet.
Ready to be my pet. (eg)
At a quarter till midnight bring a big bag of mm

Skyler winked; finished the pool game then left.

Seventy-seven minutes before the kinkyness commences.

Meanwhile Cina prepares Skyler's arrival. Lighting the red taper candle, Cina cracks an evil grin. Undressing and redressing with pink pierced hard nipples, Cina slips into her classic leather domme gear. Cursing time, Cina lost the poker cards amongst the pack rat fiesta living room motif.

Five knocks. Skyler leans against a pewter railing facing the suburban road; tapping her shoulder she flinches and steps on Cina's foot. Pardon me.Skyler bows. Entering Cina's home, Skyler bends over to be slapped. WHAPP Skyler remains silent though smiles that all-knowing slave smile.

Let's start Cina forced. They lay out the cards on a charcoal marble surface, sitting cross-legged with no panties (of course) Cina deals five cards. Skyler peeks at her hand, giving away nothing until Cina uncrosses her legs. Her jaw drops then smirks and folds. Damn this is a quick game Cina realizes; hmmm shall we even play with cards; perhaps the mms will do just fine. Anticipating the next move, Skyler shakes the mms, and their intensity for this bet seethes through. Playfully Skyler undresses and throws her blue jeans and tight purple tye-dye at Cina whom motions with three ready fingers for the clothes to be folded; smirking Skyler does what is inferred.

Cina opens the brown bag of mm's; for the second time waving her three clean sharpened manicure fingers-ordering Skyler to count the mms. Knowing and pondering the bet, Cina teases Skyler with the following question: how many mms will you hold in your soft, tight deep cunt? Laughing, Skyler simply announced seventy-seven. Shall we proceed? Skyler ill mannered screams fuck yeah, but you must eat my pussy and retrieve them. Cina nods. If you do not succeed, Cina shows her infamous red paddle and slaps Skyler for incentive. WHAAPP

Mmmm the Spanish cream and black tiles relaxed Skyler for this bet as she lays down ready. Cina drops the bag; Skyler pours out several onto the floor. Greens, reds, blues and chocolate color are now slowly being inserted inside Skyler.

A permanent grin enters Cina's cool face watching the bet unfold into Skyler's dark defining lips. How many so far, Cina inquires. Thirty something. Hmmm seems your falling short of your claim. Agreeing Skyler spreads a little more and smiles then asks.Will you help? Placing the paddle to her side, Cina pours the rest of the bag out and decides to find just the red ones. For the next fifteen minutes, Skyler laid back with her legs propped up onto the leather red couch, and Cina kneeling before her placing the red mms up her cunt with three fingers. Cina eyes are fixated with wanting to see seventy-seven mms inside a hot pussy and knowing they are melting makes Cina's mind go Ngggggghhh! Because knowing her mouth will be sucking and licking and eating chocolate flavored juices is giving her tingles worse than butterflies. Still Skyler focuses on twenty-one more mms Color is not an issue except feeling a strong paddle slap is what drives her to suck those mms into her cave. Skyler relaxes and tightens and hinting for Cina to get the silver dildo from her toy collection. Kissing Skyler's clit, disappearing and returning penetrating Skyler so fucking hard.gasping Skyler mooaans. Fist clenched and sweating, Cina stops and stands above Skyler and kisses her smile. No moving. No talking. No mercy.

Cina's sweet fingers tickle Skyler's clit and slowly the dildo enters hard and fast; watching her reaction and sensing her muscles constrict. Cina pulls out the dildo and takes her tongue and eats her cunt, the mm cave bet is seemingly over for now. Yet the crush is just beginning to frenzy and Skyler remains in a state of red crush.

* * *



The Bet