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Candlemaking wrong. Candledoing yes. Crystal's and candles ahhhhh the healing effects. Cina takes Skyler downtown. Fingerprints her soul when their hands touch. Black fatigue-wearing babes, looking for sweet candles. Beeswax nice and natural without honeycomb patterns.

You know what they want candles for, don't you? Tell me says endorphin to the cunt... I will not disclose sensitive sensual information; it is privileged not to mention sweet.

Mmm this citrus lemon cream candle has a tangible shape; Skyler thinks then feels the texture. No beautiful, only unscented ones, smirks Cina. (Of course Skyler grabs it anyway for the sheer pleasure of having it.)

Dancing, Cina finds the most natural clenching candle to exist. Her fingers measure it. Closing her eyes she sees penetration, yes she smiles; the thickness is doable. Ahh Skyler's favorite color: blood red.

Licking lips, Cina naturally grabs five vermilion bolder and bigger tapers. Eagerly wanting to play, Cina works that "cum and get me" wink at Skyler. Swallowing and stuttering, Skyler manages to walk out the store calmly and collectively. Shaking their heads and giggling liked they all ready fucked each other senseless, Cina and Skyler drive off in their baby, a lightning yellow turbo jetted pick up truck.

Cruising home, Cina's mind wants play. Stop light. Cina slips her hands into her jeans and checks her vagina for moistness. Skyler oblivious and grinning while Pet Shop Boys plays, peeks over at Cina whose fingers taste and smell salty sweet. Damn fucking eh! Skyler chants. Realize this is neither the place nor the time and besides where is your patience. Cina appears hurt still taunting Skyler. We will see whose begging whom? Skyler gulps.

Skyler pulls into Cina's driveway and jumps out ignoring the red sexual tension. Cina steadfastly walks in and reaches for the purple flogger in the coat and crotch toy closet. Screaming Cina demands Skyler to remove her clothing and bring Vamian into her bedroom for her fun. Feisty yet predictable, Vamian is a bright almost neon green python. Skyler chants again- damn fuckin damn NO! I refuse to play sexual favors to your forsaken snake Cina. Cina explains calmly and seductively, Oh baby but Vamian likes your sensual creamy scent. Why won't you try eh? Skyler shrugs and thinks. Grrrrrr women her brain contemplates. Tell me why we bothered with the candles? Skyler puffs. Cina giggles. Vamian will get tired and need rest. Shaking her bewildered black head, Skyler retreats under her willow tree.

Returning with rejuvenated smiles and silliness; Skyler sneaks behind Cina and tackles her. Get Vamian lover, the more the merrier Skyler suggests. Cina knows Skyler's love for play and gets their cold-blooded friend.

Vamian curls around Cina's neck. Skyler admiring and drooling if you ask me, Cina thought. Damn woman. Forgetting the crisp clear beeswax candle, Cina u-turns to the spare bedroom. Twiddling her fingers and cracking them, Skyler feels ready. Hairs stand on end. Standing nude amongst the candlelight, Cina enters Skyler's surreally warm circle. Taking Vamian's defanged head. Cina gently yet methodically pushes Vamian's head against Skyler's clitoris. Mind you now the deal is not to enter the cunt. Relaxed and serene in her daemon Cina rubs Vamian against her lover's orgasmic muscle. Skyler lays back; legs spread wide waiting for five minutes and nine seconds for quivering to seethe from her naked red soul.

Cina's vagina naturally reacts and drips honey cum during the last minute of explosive pink pleasure. Slithering juices and Vamian's coolness, Cina and Skyler climax together. Laughing they wonder whether Vamian likes their cum, for she is curled on the infamous cum spot.

Three hours passes and Cina awakens to give Vamian her dinner, live rabbit. Checking snail mail and email nude, Cina hears the faint sound of children playing hide n seek. Ahhh fuckin eh Cina recalls the primitive fun game, hide n seek, and her sinister grin appears.

Walking back to the bedroom admiring her peacefully snoring love, Skyler. I know she will grrrrrrOWL at me but this is so worth it. Cina turns Skyler onto her tummy, spreads her legs, smacks her ass slightly of course; Skyler twitches. Sliding her experienced index finger into her cunt, ohhhhhhhhh so wet still .lucky her. two fingers now. Now for the moment of black truth Cina seeks the lavender beeswax candles and hides inside Skyler's ass. FUCK DAMN BLOODY yells Skyler; Cina hushes her love by stroking her clit and purrrrrrrrrrs. Kneel love, Cina demands. Naturally she obliges and Cina pushes the candle into her more slowly yet defined. Soft moaning following fucks and ohhhhhs and ahhhhhs and fuck again; Cina determined for Skyler to cum with a candle in her asshole; Skyler is all ready playing with her hard happy clit. Breathing quickens; thrusting deeper, Skyler shakes and cummmms and Cina takes Skyler into her arms and kisses her drooled lips.

Staring into Cina's sky ocean clouded eyes and holding her soul softly, Skyler sighs I love you and smiles.

* * *