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Wild, sexy, fuckin rocking trip dreams Skyler. Oh Baby! Anticipating Cina's reaction, she licks around her smile and bites the lower lip. Sensing her lover's desires multiply, Skyler whispers mmmmm let's travel to a little bed and breakfast in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Fuck and kiss behind Redwoods. Cina's nods in agreement.

Fingers tracing Skyler's erect nipples, Cina casually mentions if it is kosher to invite a friend who lives in the next town over of Soquel. Hmmm, twinkle and little grin pass over Skyler and laughing Cina walks away towards the kitchen phone. Cina dials V-Tempt's cell phone and catches her on her way home. Care for company babe, Cina teases. Uh oh V-Tempt replies. No worries; we are bringing the essential food groups: chocolate syrup and m&m's, double headed red dildo, licka clit, and our favorite purple flogger. Sweet yummy sighs is all Cina heard after V-Tempt ended the conversation with a mmmmmmm good.

Grabbing the Jeep's keys and Cina's hand, Skyler rushes out the door; Cina grins sheepishly. 33 minutes later they arrive at V-Tempt's door. Wearing self made silver skirt, sexy hot red tank top; showing off pierced nipples, turning around to display her latest tattoo: a tribal sun on her lower back done in rainbow colors; bending down Cina blows on it; Skyler greets V-Tempt with a nipple pinch.

V-Tempt all ready set up three shot glasses. Tequila, Scotch, and Rum are set up for the three dykes drinking ritual bet; a body shot of each liquor. Your choice of liquor and where the body shot will be: choices are nipples, neck, and navel. However, the catch is three shots under nine seconds (just wait until you hear what the loser has to do) First attempt is Cina; she chooses navel shots; trick here is not too pour too much scotch; ahhh damn V-Tempt's ring got in the way or was it Cina's tongue ring that prevented a successful run. Now the reigning champion grabs the tequila and motions for Cina to get in a crawling position. Shots in one hand and puckering - Skyler completes the task in seven sucks. Hmmmm V-Tempt is contemplating her moves; Cina is lucky enough to be used again; Captain Morgan Rum pouring over her nipples and in what seemed like one lick-all three shots were gone. A bit shocked with defeat; Skyler hands V-Tempt the infamous, pristine prize a black knee high boot with zippers and buckles and a pastel pink stiletto heel. Staring and wondering what the fuck to do with it, Skyler points to Cina's ass (not too hard though) don't want permanent black and blue bruises. Ahhh the smell of what leather can do!

Skyler winks at her baby; oblivious for a moment, V-Tempt now realizes what is the game plan. Undressing. Skyler and Cina each take turns to alleviate their friend of clothing. Immaculate beauty, she embodies. Taking V-Tempt's boxers and blindfolding her; they carry her outside where the crisp spring air sends goose bumps up and around her spine.

Seductively moaning like a kitten's purrs, Cina and Skyler lay her face down in her silver Ford Ranger. Skyler throws Cina the keys; they are off. Racing, accelerating down the road Skyler tops V-Tempt in the truck's bed and grinds her with the simulated speed of the truck. High pitch screams and sighs overwhelm V-Tempt and she pins Skyler and fucks her from behind. Meanwhile, Cina smirks, watching events unfold in the rearview mirror. Licking her lips, stopping, she hops in the bed with them and they rub and play each other down. Taking turns eating pussy, fingering, riding, and teasing their ever-ready hard clits among the passionate spring fever.

Skyler leaves Cina and V-Tempt alone; returning to V-Tempt's cabin; they break for 25 minutes before resuming the intense exchange of energies. Juice flowing, hip thrusting, wicked smiling, and lustful stares wrap like a baby's blanket - controlled yet mastered sweetly. They end their night with a tequila toast for more orgasmic nights.

* * *



The Bet III