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Summer is fuckin sharp and nudity is the only option. Cina and Skyler renew their animal sexual instincts. Internet surfing for hot springs, Cina discovers one a 100 miles west of their home. Thinking naked, Cina grins inhibited. Grabbing her shoulders, Skyler shakes Cina out her fantasy; oh babe what are you doing? Returning from the lovely verdant raw escape, Skyler tells her lover of their weekend getaway. Fussing and deliberate, Skyler insists all they bring to wear are a change of underwear, shorts, and sports bra. Gleaming lustful look, Cina massages Skyler's breasts. Purrrrring and rocking her hips, Skyler's adrenaline and endorphins accelerate causing her to attack Cina fucking her sensibly senseless. Holding hands, walking towards their silver and red V-6 GMC, loading the truck, 13 minutes later they are off into Highway 46 towards an intensely serene sexy weekend. Skyler giggles; telling Cina it's a damn good thing they are relatively near the hot springs for a longer road trip usually requires a few climatic stops. Cina winks. You bloody well know I will accommodate your sweet libido; fuck YEAH! I will! Appreciating their passion, they stop, and they cum.

Thirty-seven miles ahead is Redwood Hot Springs, nestled amongst hundred foot pines and redwoods and summer lavender flowers. How ironic? Cleansing their camp with patchouli oil and yellow rose petals, they undress themselves. Reliving a moment of first encounters, Cina and Skyler have gentle foreplay. Granted the foreplay doesn't last long for they are insatiable. Breaking the sequence of events for a second, Cina casually mentions; we need our bet, babe. Suggestions? Glitter and sparkling concepts flow into Skyler and Cina's minds. Pen and paper within reach, they jot down ideas. Vertical sex without gravity seems to connect them on this escapade. Their rock climbing gear, a light flashes in Cina. Oh Skyler, my love, how would you feel if I fucked you hard against the granite cliff suspended in mid air?

Goosebumps flush and rush into Skyler, eager and grinning; she nods. Plan set. Day breaking dawn, Cina checks the love equipment. Led Zeppelin playing, creating the mood awaiting them. Kissing Skyler softly, Cina awakens are and motions for her to get her act together. Doing what's in her best interest, she cuts up the apples and grapes, and feeds her lover; in turn Cina does the same in return. Twenty-Five minutes before the mid air suspension sex begins. The time is here. Cirrus clouds touch the sky and the brightest star is on the other side of Moon Canyon. Ascending the glacier carved cliff, they kiss and proceed upward. Hearing melodies, hard clits, and thirteen minutes before they are suspending. Flying high. Cina reaching. Stroking Skyler hair as she anchors the posts. Skyler clamps down the gear. Floating fifty-five feet above the mountainside, wrapping her legs around Skyler. Taking off her glove, Cina unzips Skyler and moves inside her. Maneuvering clothing and finding her soft, wet, smoothes cunt. Jaw dropped and speechless Skyler motionless but swinging with a smile as she moans so sweet. Shivering delight. Hard nipples. Arms reaching for a grip, still Cina shushes her lover and fucks her as the wind moves. Settling into their own bliss, Cina and Skyler climb off the cliff. Heading down the sexually carnelian canyon, Cina whispers "ocean view to your left, Baby." Eyes lighting up, grinning, Skyler like a nine year old shouts, "Please, can we?" Cina omnisciently nods; then tells her- "I love you." Softly smiling, Skyler rests her fair cheek against Cina's broad brown shoulders.

Twenty-five minutes later, they park near an ancient pine for shading. Volcanic energy shooting, Skyler grabs Cina's hand into the crashing waves. Diving into the Pacific Ocean's vermilion aura, the rhythmic dance and calming waters electrifies their rabid sexual energies. Embracing in passionate intense trance, Skyler undresses Cina while Cina rips off Skyler's tank and bottom in return. Like lusting glowing mystical mermaids, climaxing simultaneously while the gray red waves break over, under, and into them. Making love during Luna's powerful red tide completes Cina and Skyler. Pleasant demeanor yet exhausted, their sexual appetite took an afternoon and evening toll. Drenched, nude and cuddling in the back of their Jimmy. Cina's head on Skyler's lap, she confesses her love. "Skyler, my beautiful girl when we are together I am happy and peaceful." Holding her hand, Cina asks her love, "Will you give me the most sacred honor?" Oblivious and naïve, Skyler shakes her head. "Baby, I want you and I to share an celebrate a commitment. Start a family. Breeding Vamian also. Heart racing, stuttering, and then a silly grin-kissing Cina whispering a thousand yeses. Whimpering, elated tears, and gratitude; Cina gives Skyler a great big ole bear hug.

* * *



The Bet IV